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Being an adult blows. Not because you suddenly have adult responsibilities, not because you have to get a job, and pay bills. (Well, alright, that does blow, but at least it becomes the norm after a while.)
...Not even because you look like a giant idiot running out to the ice cream truck hoping to get a popsicle in the shape of the Pink Panther's head.
Being an adult blows because you drift away from all of the people you knew when you were twelve. You suddenly have nothing in common.
You might not even realize that you're losing them as it's happening. One day, you realize they're not there anymore, that you haven't talked to them in months, or years.
I miss the friends I had when I was twelve. I miss our conversations. They were the best friends I've ever had and probably ever will have. And it will most likely never be the same again.

It's ten in the morning, I am bored, and I'm going through Young Dracula withdrawals right now...

Once again, I decided to torture myself and watch the show, I've been having somewhat of a marathon type deal for the past, I dunno... like, week or something.
Today, I finally reached the end of the series. It's just not fair. How in the hell can you...
A. Cancel such an amazing show that seems to have gotten even more popular since it's been off the air... It's gotten quite the cult following because it's FRIGGIN' AMAZING
B. End on such a friggin' cliffhanger! So many questions!

Is Vlad a vampire now? Could he forfeit his title as Grand High Vampire? Would he? What'll happen to Ingrid? Surely the Count wouldn't let her stay after she betrayed him and Vlad.
I mean, he already disliked her...
Will Robin and Vlad be friends again? Is Vlad even going to be the same now?

There needs to some closure! If they don't want to do a season 3, then c'mon, do a movie or something!

Well... At least I have PO5T. I suppose I'll just have to be happy with that.

Man, I'd love to see this be the intro to the third season. Or at least the song should be used.
(That's not my video, just for the record.)

Gettin' nostalgic with Kingdom Hearts

Dear You,

I miss you.
I don't trust you, but I miss you. And quite frankly, I'd rather miss than hate you, so maybe it's better this way.
John Krasinski, stop wearing cardigans *facepalm*

...BUT. Continue wearing flannel button up shirts and aviator glasses. Mmyes.

Erm... except don't wear flannel if you're gonna match the dude you're hanging with >_>


... ._____. ...*Scrambles to find out if he's still dating Rashina Jones!*

Crying - Aerosmith = Thomas and Melanie. So. Much.


Cry little sister...

WAH. Okay! I saw The Lost Boys 2!

...It really sucked. It was just sort of trashy.


---Lost Boys fan SPOILER!---

OMG SAM IS A VAMPIRE?! I am SO SO SO psyched for the third one after seeing that!
I've heard talk of there being a third one, so... HOORAY. Man, after the crapfest that was The Tribe, Lost Boys 3 better be freaking awesome.
Although! If they go with the Edgar vs. Sam (AND POSSIBLY ALAN :O?!) angle, I bet it's gonna be better, at least, than 2.
I think what would make the movie great would be to not rip off the first one again XD

:[ I miss the original Lost Boys. They were so much better. ;-; WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL MARKO?! ._.
(lol on a sidenote, just before they stab him, and be bleeds GLITTER all over the place, they refer to him as "the little one" which pretty much makes me burst into fits of squealing, because I am, in fact, a Marko fangirl.)

Anyway. I'm pretty excited for 3. So... hooray! Let's hope it doesn't suck!

WHOAMYGOSH. Okay, so... I just watched the alternate endings for The Tribe. WHAT?! Okay, so... I'm sort of confused.
Alright... in one alternate ending, you see Sam talking to Edgar about how his brother his coming to Luna Bay, and that they have to prepare.
Apparently Alan is some kind of vampire master o_o?!
AND THEN. In the second alternate ending, Edgar and Sam are having the same conversation, but Sam never takes his sunglasses off, and Edgar basically asks how Sam has proof of Alan coming back. And Sam shows him bitemarks on his shoulder.
Okay... so... I'm thinking that the answer is that in the third one... Sam is going to be a vampire, Alan is going to be a vampire master, and he's the one who turned Sam.
And Edgar's probably gonna be battling 'em both, and he's either gonna end up killing them, or he's gonna be a vampire too...

...Hmmmm... intriguing...

Help save Radio KOL!

Today was the last day that Radio KOL aired, but maybe you can help bring it back.
Please help try to save my favorite radio station, and sign this petition:

(Site by DJ James)

I, and the ton of kids who watch the show, thank you for signing!
What a terrible day.

I go, and watch Radio KOL, and Rick is out, sick.
(x_x I am also sick. It sounds like someone's gone and shoved two tangerines into my nostrils.)


I go to Officetally.

:[ Offically, no more Office this season. The thing I look forward to every week. My favorite show.


._. *knows* *is just sad*
Okay. Something totally weird happened to me today XDD

Last night, it was like... I dunno... 3 o’clock in the morning, or something.
For some reason, the song Don’t Laugh At Me by Mark Wills was stuck in my head. I don’t really know why. I think it’s because I was also thinking of When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2, and my brain just went onto another depressing song.
:| So... Don’t Laugh At Me made me incredibly sad when I was little. Anyway. Yes.
So THEN. Just a few minutes ago, I tune into radiokol.com, and there’s repeat on, and he plays a remake of Don’t Laugh At Me by this girl singer. Which I’ve never heard of before.
I was just like “o____o ... ?!”
Despite the fact that the song is one of the saddest songs ever, I thought that was very cool.
What are the odds that I would think of that song, and then I’d randomly hear a remake I didn’t even know existed?!
Soooo, yep. That’s it ^_^

"Don't dump me while I'm in the dumpster!"

The Office - Season 3 - Deleted Scene - Ryan and Kelly

This scene is SO cute XD It shows that their relationship wasn't terrible all the time. But I understand why the scene was cut. It's very long.

Because of how Ryan's been acting in the promos for the new season, I thought he'd just leave her in the dumpster. But he actually goes in, too! That's just too cute!
It's a shame he's gonna be such a jerk in season 4 :|